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Ojas Building Rasayana

An Ojas Building Rasayana I just shared during my last MeetUp Event:

Coconut Milk Kheer

2 Cups Basmati Rice 3 Cups Filtered Water 1 2/3 Cup Coconut Milk 1/2 Cup Yellow Raisins 1 Tbsp Ghee 2 Tbsps Jaggery 1 Tbsp Brown Sugar 5 Small Sticks Cinnamon (Crushed) 4 Whole Stars Aniseed (Crushed) 1 tsp Powdered Cinnamon

  • High in protein

  • Easy to digest

  • Warming spices to ignite agni (digestion)

  • Grounding during Vata time of year

Add all ingredients to your Rice Cooker and set on White Rice setting.


Be Well!

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