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Homemade Vitamin C Extract

Start out with 6 Organic Tangerines and peel them.

You want to make sure you have just the zest part of the peel, not the white parts (which are bitter)

This is a bit of a tedious job, but well worth it!

After you have peeled and cleaned all of the zest put your peels in a strainer and wash lightly.

Chop the peels and lay them out on a plate to dry for just about 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, add the pieces to a class container. Fill the container up to the top. Then add either Vodka or Grain Alchohol to fill the rest of the container, all the way to the top. Try to allow as little air to stay in the container as possible.

Keep the boittle in a dark cabinet for about 6 weeks.

Shake the bottle anytime you remember, but at least once a week. as the properties of the peel are extracted into the fluid.

You will see the liquid go from clear to bright orange.

After 6 weeks, you may strain the fluid into an additional jar to be used as a vitamion C extract. This may be added to water to boost immunity, it may be added to beeswax to creat a wonderful salve for the skin, etc, etc.

Be Well!

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