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Air & Ether
Fire & Water
Earth & Water

Each of us are made of elements that were determined at the moment of our conception. 

According to Ayurveda, we are all made up of the 5 elements, which have specific functions and create health when well-balanced (Swastha), and illness when imbalanced (Vikṛti).  This can be on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic level.  It takes into account all of the unique aspects and qualities of each person and helps to relieve symptoms, prevent diseases and treat illnesses.


These elements are the 5 Gross Elements of Existence (Panćamahabhuta):

Air (Vayu), Ether (Akasha), Fire (Agni), Water (Apas) and Earth (Prithvi) exist in everything in the Universe.  

They uniquely manifest in all life, as well as each of us - to give us our physical and mental qualities (Guna).

Each person has their own unique combination of these 5 elements that contain 20 different qualities. 


These elements then go on to further combine and form 3 distinct physical and energetic DOSHAS: 

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.   Each Dosha behaves very differently in mind & body and responds to different treatments.

Vata Air & Ether - Cold & Dry


Power of Movement / Transition   Controls Life of All Things!  PRANA / RAJAS

Moves in 5 Directions (Vayus) in all 5 Koṣa - Breathing, Movement, Flexibility, Biological Processes

Governs & Supports Nervous System & Sensory Perception System (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell)


VATA Predominant Person:  Emotional / Expressive / Right-Brainer / Sensitive to Cold, Wind, Lack of Sunlight

Thin Frame/Muscle Tone, Small Facial Features, Hyper-Mobility, Creative, Artistic, Enthusiastic, Expressive

In Balance:

Connected to All Things! Empathetic, Intuitive, Sees Beauty Everywhere, Creative, Expressive

Grounded, Rested, Well-Fed/Hydrated, Easy Digestion, Tranquil, Stable, Calm, Focused, Routine 

Imbalanced / Overflow / Escalation / Increase:

Mind / Lifestyle:   Anxiety, Fear, Overwhelm, Indecisiveness, Instability, Insecurity, Addictions, Moodiness, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, Circular Thoughts, Chronic Fatigue, Spaciness, Memory Loss, Insomnia, Depletion, Bi-Polarism, Panic-Attacks, Nerve Pain, Anorexia, Forgets to Eat, Sensory Perception Overwhelm, Lack of Priorities or Discipline. Aggravated in Winter or Cold Climates.

Body:  Dehydration, Low Immunity, Lack of Appetite, Nervous System Distress (Twitching/Restless Legs/Tremors), PAIN, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Tinnitus, Dry Skin, Dry Hair, Brittle Nails, Constipation, Brittle Bones, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Painful Menstruation, Weak Teeth:  Depletion States Due to Breakdown of Physical Structure


Pitta Fire & Water - Hot & Oily 


Power of Transformation / Wisdom   Sustains & Digests All Things  TEJAS / SATTVA

Governs & Supports Metabolism, Chemical Conversion, Production of Heat/Energy, Intellect (Digestion of Information)

Pitta Predominant Person:   Pragmatic / Logical / Left-Brainer / Sensitive to Heat & Humidity

Medium Frame/Muscle Tone, Medium Features, Early Gray Hair/Balding, Radiant Eyes, Redness of Skin

Sharp-Thinkers, Philosophers, Doctors, Lawyers, Analysts, Managers, Advisors, Engineers.  Wants to know WHY~

In Balance:

Flexible, Relaxed, Compassionate, Light-Hearted, Spontaneous, Task-Oriented, Solid Work Ethic, Compliant, Approachable Teacher/Manager, Conscious of Others, Cool Digestion, Cool Emotions, Soft & Approachable Leadership, Work/Life Balance, Healthy Ambition, Great Spiritual Teachers. 

Imbalance / Overflow / Escalation / Increase:

Mind / Lifestyle:   Anger, Rage, Jealousy, Resentment, Aggression, Critical, Judgmental (Self & World), Cynical, Argumentative, Irritable, Ego-Centric, Narcissist, Controlling, Workaholic, Extreme Competitiveness w/ Self/Others, Burnout, Unable to Rest, Discontent.  Aggravated in Sun, Summer or Hot Climates.


Body:  Excessive Heat, Inflammation, Acidic Sweat, Auto-Immune Disease (Lupus/Hypothyroidism), HBP, Hyper-Appetite,

Fast Digestion, Hyper-Acidity, GERD, Anemia, Diarrhea, IBS, Liver & Gallbladder Issues, Vision Breakdown, Skin Ailments (Eczema/Psoriasis/Hot-Rashing/Acne), Vision Breakdown:  Depletion States Due to Burning Up of Physical Structure


Kapha Earth & Water - Cold & Oily


Power of Creation / Cohesion / Attachment    Binds All Things!   OJAS / TAMAS

Governs & Supports Lubrication, Hydration, Structure, Stability, Strength, Solidity, Resilience

Kapha Predominant Person:  Quiet Contemplator / Observer / Sensitive to Cold & Dampness

Dense Frame, Lustrous/Thick Hair, Strong/White Bones/Teeth/Nails, Moonlight/Dewy Skin, Husky/Nasally voice

In Balance:

Caretaker, Peacemaker, Provides Support, Loving, Nurturing, Loyal, Expressive, Ambitious, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Happy, Laid-Back, Adaptable to Change, Gentle Nature, Content.  Active Digestion, Flexible Joints, Warm, Adequate Energy & Movement, Motivated

Imbalance / Overflow / Escalation / Increase:

Mind / Lifestyle:   Depression, Lethargy, Stagnancy, Possessiveness, Attachment (People, Things, Ideas, Past Experiences), Messy, Excessive (Hording), Cluttered, Self-Centered, Unmotivated, Lack of Ambition/Drive, Great Desire for Comfort, Clouded Judgment, Dull Senses, Lack of Desire/Curiosity/Concern.  Aggravated in Spring and Cold & Damp Climates.


Body:  Feeling Heavy/Tired, Stiff Joints, Excessive Mucous (Everywhere), Chest Congestion, Allergies, Nausea, Diabetes, Edema, Swelling, High Cholesterol, Heavy Menstrual Flow, Excess Body Fat, Toxicity, Slow Appetite, High Consumption of Sugar, Sluggish Digestion, Depletion States Due to Accumulation in Physical Structure.

Noticing a pattern?

These patterns repeat in all of nature & physics

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