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Tara Community Yoga 2
2020 Spring KO Webinar
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In-Person Sessions in Phoenix & Chicago
~ Online Consultation Available from Anywhere ~
~ by APPT ONLY ~


MAY 15 - JULY 10, 2024



consultations & pricing

An Inviting, Non-Judgmental Space to Cultivate Health & Healing For Adults & Children
Personal wellness sessions are in-depth and will address each person's level of health - on physical and emotional basis.  
Be prepared for an in-depth conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. 
I love to provide an abundance of information, so feel free to have a notebook on hand if you would like to take notes. 
In addition - I will provide a full copy of your treatment plan and recommendations to you. 
Book your desired Consultation below
Once Booking is complete, your payment confirm EMAIL will include a SCEDULING BUTTON.
I will also reach you directly to provide your in-depth Intake Document, if needed.
I invite you to take your time and allow space & focus to complete your Intake Form.
It will take at least 1 hour and should be done with a relaxed mind.
This allows me to have a gorgeous picture of YOU as an individual and how Ayurveda may assist in walking a very personal path.  
If you desire a follow up discussion with it being more than 1 year since our last visit, I will also provide a 'Follow Up' Intake. 
I am available by appointment only.  
Please email me anytime with questions. 


Initial Consultation
This is where continued discovery of you as a person takes place.  We will spend up to 2 1/2 hours together.
Underlying qualities which create illness and imbalance are recognized. 
Ayurvedic Diagnosis is made by Three-fold Diagnostic Method (Trividha Parikṣā):
Observation (Darśana), Physical Exam (Sparśana) & Questioning (Praśṇa)
  • Doṣic Assessment through questions and Physical exam of attributes 
  • Comprehensive questions on Health, Wellness & Lifestyle History
  • Food / Nutrition / Daily Routines Assessment
  • Tongue Analysis
  • Nail, Skin and Hair Analysis
  • Pulse Analysis  (In-Person only)
  • Blood Pressure  (In-Person only) 
  • pH Balance Test with Saliva Test Strip  (In-Person only)
Pulse, BP & pH are, of course, not done for Online Consults, but are not mandatory to understand Doṣa Vikṛti (imbalance)
Based on Assessment & Your Goals, I will provide VARIOUS COMPONENTS of the following:
  • The results of your Doṣic Predominance in both Prakṛti (Natural Constitution) and Vikṛti (States of Imbalance)
  • Observation of current state of Maha Guna: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas  (Ayurveda Psychology)
  • A breakdown of Nidana Panćaka: Causative Factors, Represented Signs & Symptoms, Imbalances Present
  • Observation of your current state of Agni (Digestive Fire), Āma (Toxicity) & Malas (Processing of Wastes)
  • Explanation of Ayurvedic Concepts / Sānkhya Philosophy (The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection)
  • Explanation of Doṣas and the opposing balancing qualities needed for healing
  • Explanation of Dinacharya:  Doṣa Cycles in Nature (Day, Season, Lifecycle)
  • Explanation of Prāṇa (Vital Energy), Tejas (Radiance) & Ojas (Essence of Life / Vitality / Immunity)
  • Explanation of Saṃprāpti (Pathology of illness) 
  • Initial Personal Suggestions pertaining to AHARA (Food & Fluids) and VIHARA (Lifestyle), based on your unique Prakṛti/Vikṛti
  • Scheduling of future Follow Up, if needed
Ayurveda Plan Components & Ongoing Treatment
May Also Include Referrals to Trusted Practitioners / Herbal Formulations

Initial Plans focus on Ahara (Nourishment), Vihara (Lifestyle) & Auṣadhī (Herbs/If Needed)

Included Initial Suggestions are based on where you are now and what will offer the most success and sustainable implementation

  • An initial focus on Digestion, Cleansing or Weight Loss (or all 3)

  • Thoughts on your current patterns that forth bring balance

  • Current diet & lifestyle patterns that may be in relation to illness, digestive disorders and/or emotional symptoms and why

  • Individualized Diet, Nutritional & Hydration Plan

- Which foods to Favor / Avoid

- The Ayurveda 6 Tastes & You (Rasa Cikitsā)

- Which foods may be raw vs. cooked

- Daily Hydration needs / Options 

- Alternatives to current eating/drinking routine

- Recipes, Resources, etc.

  • Personalized Herbal Remedy (if needed) and detailed information on dosage


  • Suggestions on:

- Daily Routines & Time Management

- Physical Exercise & Motivation 

- Shifting Patterns (Sāṃskāras) in Daily Routine (or lack of), Meals, Sleep Cycles & Lifestyle

- Techniques for Relieving / Coping with Stress 

- Yoga for Your Doṣa, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra

For all packages, Herbal formulas are extra, based on recommendation and dosage, but are very affordable and optional. 

I may compose a personal formulation for you, or I may suggest that you order them from a reputable source.
Follow-Up Visits

Here we will discuss changes that have taken place since the implementation of recommendations.

We will discuss the herbal formula (if added to your plan) and improvements or challenges.

We will discuss and address any new symptoms you may be experiencing, answer additional questions, etc.


At this time, if you are having any difficulty with implementation, we may devise solutions together.

If you are feeling better, and ready to move forward, I will add additional suggestions to move forward with.

Ongoing suggestions will be focused on pieces of life that are most important to you.

There are times when our focuses shift or suggestions change based on Season.​

During follow ups, we may decide on and schedule additional follow up visits that are tailored to your needs. 

As time goes on, you will have the tools to take an active part in your own health and will need less and less support
from me....OR you may choose to continue to see me for a time frame that suits you best. I am always here for you!
Let me stress, any natural form of healing takes time, as well as authentic effort on your part, but should also be done with
respect to where you are now and should be implemented in small stages.
That is why in your treatment program, I offer you small changes in one or two crucial areas, rather than trying to do everything at once, which can shock the system.  Over time, as you comfortably acclimate to the small new habits, we will continue to add in others as pieces and enhancements to build on. This will allow you to support yourself in alignment with creating health.
Your unique treatment program is designed to assist you in reducing the doṣic imbalance so that your body has the best chance possible to heal itself. At each follow up visit, we evaluate how well you have been implementing your recommendations and you are given assistance with difficult areas.
Visits will continue at your comfort level. I am here to assist you with a plan that gives your body strength and
nourishment, so it can release the deeper held heat and old emotional states. We may take things one day at a time!
Includes Communications, Scheduling, Paperwork & Research, Composition of Personalized Plan & Actual Meeting Time

packages to fit your needs

Yoga by the Ocean


$999  (1-Year Long Program)

Looking for a Life Change?
Significant Weight Loss?

Do Better with Accountability?

** Initial Consultation ~ Up to 2 Hours
- In-Depth Evaluation   
- Doṣic / Vedic
Psychology Explanations        - - Initial Recommendations, Q&A
- Email of Discussion Detail

** 6 Follow-Up Visits ~ Every 8 Weeks
o Be Used Within 1 Year

    Ongoing Review of Plan Implementation
    Ongoing Discussion of Modalities 

    Additional Recommendations, Q&A
    Cultivation of Ayurvedic Lifestyle

  Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Support

spices on spoon



Full Consultation, Evaluation & Suggestions
*** 1 Visit  (2 - 2 1/2 Hours)

- In-Depth Evaluation
- Doṣic / Vedic Psychology Explanations
- Initial Recommendations, Q&A
- Email of Discussion Detail

       A great Introduction that allows an   
       introduction to Ayurveda Concepts,
    Understanding of Self and the flexibility
   of Following Up whenever you are ready

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


$599   (6-Month Program)

** Initial Consultation ~ Up to 2 Hours
- In-Depth Evaluation
- Doṣic / Vedic Psychology Explanations        - - Initial Recommendations, Q&A 
- Email of Discussion Detail

** 3 Follow-Up Visits ~ Every 8 Weeks
    To Be Used Within 6 Months

Ongoing Review of Plan Implementation          Ongoing Discussion of Modalities          
    Additional Recommendations, Q&A

    Ongoing Education & Support

  Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Support

Children Meditating



*Full Consultation, Evaluation & Suggestions
*** 1 Visit up to 2 Hours

- In-Depth Evaluation
- Doṣic Explanations
- Initial Recommendations, Q&A

- Email of Discussion Detail

Packages above may also be chosen to add follow up visits.

Rock Balancing



** Initial Consultation ~ Up to 2 Hours
- In-Depth Evaluation
- Doṣic / Vedic Psychology Explanations       
- Initial Recommendations, Q&A

- Email of Discussion Detail

** 1 Follow-Up Visit ~ After 8 Weeks
    To Be Used Within 3 Months

    Review of Plan Implementation
    Additional Recommendations, Q&A

Most Popular 

Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Support



For Current Consultation Clients


** Follow Up Consultation ~ 90 Minutes
Designed for In-Depth Questions, Continued 
On-Going Review of Ayurveda Suggestions and Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Support
Check In Discussion
Ongoing Review of Plan Implementation    Ongoing Discussion of Modalities    
Additional Recommendations, Q&A
Additional Information / Resources Provided


For Current Consultation Clients
Have you (or the kids) had the onset of  a cold, illness or minor Injury that you would like to treat with Ayurveda?

Let's have a shorter visit to check-in and

speak about Ayurvedic Treatment Options for

Colds, Flu, Respiratory Illness,

Minor Injuries or Pain Management


A Renewed Me 
Group Ayurveda Cleanse

Offered In Annually in April & October
See Dates on Ayurveda Cleanse Page
New Participants   $119   
Current Clients      $89
Past Participants   $39


Home-based Cleanse with a personal plan. 

Full Support with Daily Group Facebook Page and Weekly Conference Calls for Questions

You may participate from across the country!

Additional Cleanse Add On - YOGA!


Want to Offer a Package or Yoga Session as a Gift?

Gift Certificates Available

The Gift that 'Keeps on Giving'!

Give the unique gift that includes Physical,

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health & Healing, 
Self-Care, Self-Realization, Stress Relief

& Overall Wellness.

Gift-Certificates for your loved ones may be used for Consultation Packages, Ayurveda Body Therapies, Events, Seasonal Cleanses, Workshops, Herbal Remedies or Yoga Classes. 

To Purchase, Click HERE​​
** PLEASE NOTE: Follow Up Visits in purchased packages are NOT indefinite
Due to the amount of change that takes place in health, symptoms, lifestyle and seasonal climate~
The 6 Follow Up Visits included in  'Total Health' consult must be scheduled within 1 Year of the Initial Consultation.
The 3 Follow Up Visits included in 'New Life' consult must be scheduled within 6 Months of the Initial Consultation.
The 1 Follow Up Visit included in 'Finding Balance' consult must be scheduled within 3 Months of Initial Consultation. 
After these timeframes, the included visits expire and a new Follow Up Consultation Visit is required.
If it has been more than 2 years since we have done an initial consultation, then a fresh assessment is needed. 
A new package should be selected to include a new in-depth discovery discussion - (not a shorter 'Follow Up' Visit).
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