Toxins & Cleansing

Group Ayurvedic Cleanses each year in April and October



Why do we need to cleanse our body?


Toxins are all around us and it is impossible to avoid exposure completely. Since the beginning of the industrial age 100 years ago, we are bombarded with dangerous toxins in our environment. In addition, thousands of toxic chemicals have been introduced through the use of household cleaners, dental and physical hygiene products and pharmaceuticals. We have also acquired a taste for coffee, caffeine, carbonated drinks, tobacco products, alcohol, fast foods, processed foods, an abundance of meat, refined & artificial sugars and sweets. All of these factors stray away from our original design and cleansing the body is needed now more than ever.

These toxins affect our health, disturb our bodily functions and cover up our true nature (Prakruti).  

Thankfully, the body has the daily ability to naturally detoxify itself. We process and eliminate toxins through the help of the digestive system, skins, lungs, blood, lymph and many other organs.

What is a toxin? Something is named a toxin if the body is not able to naturally break it down in digestion and elimination.  Toxins will then build up and eventually hinder our natural bodily functions. This may also lead to disease.  We can also accumulate toxins through lack of exercise, lifestyle, habits, diet, etc.   All of these factors can impact us over time.  This, in turn, may worsen our condition, as we begin to crave the things that do not serve us.


 “One should not use food articles from either attachment or ignorance; rather he should use  wholesome ones after examination; the body is a product of food” – Caraka Samhita



Early Signs of Toxic Overload:


  • Low Energy

  • Lethargy
  • Generalized Aches and Pains
  • Lack of Mental Clarity
  • Heaviness in the body
  • Weight Gain
  • Digestive Problems (Gas, Constipation, Bloating)
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Frequent Colds and Sinus Infections
  • Coated Tongue
  • Body Odor



There are 5 Main Toxins to Consider:

  • One type of toxin that accumulates in the body is called AMA, yet it is not dangerous. It literally means “uncooked” or “undigested”. This results from a heavy diet and/or poor digestion and undigested food.  Signs of AMA is a coated tongue or strong body odor.
  • AMA that sits within the physiology for a long period of time becomes acidic.  It may also harden and block channels and begin to ferment, becoming a reactive substance.
  • The toxic buildup from chemical substances, environmental pollution, etc. that settles into joints and organs.
  • Electromagnetic toxicity, radiation, microwave, cell phones, etc.
  • Mental AMA:  Unprocessed Emotions



Ayurveda recommends a program of internal cleansing during the shift of seasons to clear the channels of the body of toxins that may have built up over the previous season.  Especially during the winter, excess toxins build up in very cold climates where we are less active.   Detox is particularly recommended each spring and fall, because during this time, your body's natural cleansing and rejuvenating mechanisms kick into high gear in tune with all of nature.


Many cleansing diets on the market today are extremely harsh and damaging to the body.  None of the products sold for detoxing are aligned for each person's personal Prakruti (constitution), nor do they address the difference between water-based vs. oil-based toxins. Many encourage starvation. For a healthy, customized and personalized plan, an Ayurvedic consultation may serve you best. 


Once your digestion has been regulated and healed, you will receive the full benefit of a cleanse. 

There are natural, gentle and effective cleanses that will bring vital energy back to your life.


Detox, Refresh, and Renew Your Body & Mind

Additional Considerations during Menstruation

A menstruating woman should not perform purgation.  If cycle comes during cleanse time, she can continue on the kitchari diet and other self-care practices, but will suspend purgation.   



A complete at-home Ayurvedic detoxification routine involves four phases — preparation, cleansing, purgation and  post-cleansing.                 

I offer customized and practical guidelines for each phase.


Preparation   (7 Days)

#1 Attempt to clear your schedule for the Active Phase as much as possible to practice REST

Start a routine of Toxin-Free foods and self-care lifestyle practices in preparation for an effective cleanse
This week you will gather supplies and adapt to what the Active Cleansing phase will be like.  


Active Cleansing   (7 Days)

I will provide details of your individual plan, based on your Dosha.
This may, or may not, include purgation on the last day of the active phase.
This week includes a mono diet of fresh foods, based on your doshic profile and daily morning and evening routines of Self-Care.


Purgation Day

A gentle purgation will be done by instruction, based on Doshic profile


Post-Cleansing -Reintroduction & Rejuvenation   (7 Days –> Lifetime)

After cleansing, you may feel much lighter, more blissful, and more energetic with newfound vitality!  You may even have shed some unwanted pounds. Give yourself time to gradually transition into your normal routine and eating habits. Gradually add heavier foods to your diet, and be sure to get enough rest for a few days after cleansing is over.  Follow your normal Ayurvedic routine.  Take Herbal Rasayanas (Ayurvedic rejuvenation formulas). Now that the channels of your body that deliver nutrients are clear, these Rasayanas will deeply nourish and rejuvenate your entire physiology.




What To Expect

This style of cleanse is much less provoking than many forms of cleansing and is generally safer for a diverse range of constitutions and imbalances. That said, an Ayurvedic cleanse tends to move long-standing imbalances into circulation so that they can be eliminated. This is how our bodies repair themselves when we afford them the opportunity. As a result, a cleanse can be exhausting, emotionally taxing, and physically uncomfortable.


This cleanse is gentle and should not cause a great deal of discomfort. Nevertheless, it is better to be prepared for some ups and downs than to expect to feel fabulous throughout your cleanse. You should begin to experience the deeper benefits of the cleanse within a few days to a week after completing it, if not sooner.


For women of childbearing age, the first menstrual cycle following a cleanse is an important part of the process, and can deliver a meaningful sense of completion to the cleanse. As a result, the fullest expression of positive change may not be experienced by these women until one or two menstrual cycles after the cleanse is complete.


This process can also stir up unresolved emotions so it is important to be prepared for some emotional cleansing. It is quite common to have unexpected and somewhat unexplainable emotions crop up during a cleanse. Ideally, we would simply witness these states as they arise, creating space to honor, move, and release our feelings in a healthy way. The emotional aspects of a cleanse can make it especially important to enlist a loving support team for your cleansing process.

The Group Ayurveda Cleanse is available in April & October
NEXT SESSION:  OCT 23 - NOV 7, 2021
Registration Deadline Oct 17, 2021
'A Renewed Me" Seasonal Cleanse

This is a home-based Cleanse with a Personal Plan~

All Items sent direct via Email:

  • Assessment Questionnaires (If needed)

  • Cleanse Plans

  • 'Before & After' Tracking Sheets 

  • 3 Group WEBINARS for Info / Q&A

  • Private Group Facebook Page for Sharing & Support

Cleanse Includes:

** Mini-Consultation (for New Participants), focusing on Digestive Capacity/Doshic Assessment

** Cleanse takes takes place in your home, so no travel or appointments required

      Your Registration / Doshic Assessment / Customized Plan / Tracking Sheets are provided via email

** No special foods or exotic powders, etc.

     Wholesome, natural foods only that you pick up at your local grocery store

** No Fasting or Deprivation

** Customized 2-week Cleanse Plan
      Foods for your Dosha
      Morning/Evening Routines
      Herbs/Oils for your Dosha
      Purgation Instructions
      Shopping List & Recipes
Group Cleanse Rates:
New Participants    $95    
Current Clients       $55
Past Participants    $10  (or $55 if a New / Fresh Assessment is desired)

These are group rates, but if you desire personalized attention outside of group communications, that is absolutely available at an individual rate of $150.  Simply let me know via email at 

How Does It Work?

1.   Registration Payment Completed at Buttons Above 

2.   You will receive Auto-Confirmation of Registration. I will directly email a Cleanse Assessment Questionnaire (if needed).                    Current Consultation Clients and Past Participants will NOT need a new assessment (unless an update is requested)


3.   Payments & Assessment Questionnaires Completed & Returned by April 10


4.   Oct 18:   Email of link to join the Facebook Group Page and all details for Webinars, etc.

5.   Oct 21:   Email of Cleanse Plans & 'Before/After' Tracking Sheets (Day Before Kick Off Webinar)

6.   Oct 22:   Kick-Off ZOOM WEBINAR at 4 pm AZ - (CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIME ZONE) - (All Details will be provided: Login, etc.)



Be sure to add Yoga if you wish to attend :) 

Additional Cleanse Add On - ONLINE YOGA

3 Online Classes Each Week  ($10 - 75 Min Each)

Also open to the public and those not cleansing.

Recording of session available to attendees for 2 weeks. 


Focusing on Vata, Pitta & Kapha Types

Dates:    Sunday, Monday & Thursday of Prep Week

Time:     6 pm - 7:15 pm AZ TIME

OCT 24:  Vata Hatha / Hips & Digestion

OCT 25:  Pitta Hatha / Twists

OCT 28:  Kapha Vinyasa / Release


Dates:     Sunday, Monday & Thursday of Active Week

Time:      6 pm - 7:15 pm AZ TIME

OCT 31:  Anxiety Relief

NOV 1:   Letting Go of Anger

NOV 4:  Alleviating Depression & Attachment

$10 Per Class

Register for YOGA Sessions  HERE 

Recording of each Yoga Session available to all registrations for 2 weeks~

Happy to answer questions anytime~