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Homemade Paneer (Farmers Cheese) in 15 minutes


Serves 8-12

Paneer is the easiest protein source to digest for a vegetarian.

Better substitute than using tofu.

Tofu is cold, clogging and heavy for the channels of the body.


(1) half-gallon whole organic milk

1 quart organic buttermilk


You will need a Large Pot and a Long Spoon.


Heat the milk to a full foaming boil. Slowly stir in buttermilk.

The curds will start to separate from the whey, continue slowly stirring

until the whey becomes clearer.

The whey is the clear liquid that doesn’t turn into curds.

Allow the curds to rest in the pot on lower heat. Pour the curds and whey

through cheesecloth or a fine strainer, reserving 2 cups for storage of paneer.

Transfer the curds (and cheesecloth) into a low bowl and strain additional liquid. You may then add salt and herbs to your liking, or leave plain. You may strain a little more if needed.


Remove from Cheesecloth and place in Cheese tin.


Press down with a fork and place the cover on the tin. You may place the entire tin in a larger bowl and place a weight (large can) on top until the liquid whey has stopped draining.

Remove weight after 1 hour and cool in refrigerator with reserved whey.

Cut when cool.


You may add cubes to daily veggies or fry paneer in ghee for a delightful experience!


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