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India January 31, 2015

As we said our goodbyes and boarded the van, Dr. Ramadas hugged us goodbye and took our picture. Ethelyne made up a goodbye song.  He recorded it as we sang it to him. So cute. He hugged each and every one of us as we boarded to leave.

We now begin the touring portion of our trip provided by Redback Travel.


The first 30 minutes into the trip was in silence. The sights are quite humbling. We see the remnants if what was...

2 Cinnamon Sticks

1 Tsp Black Peppercorns

1 Tsp Cloves

3 Whole Aniseed Stars

1 oz of loose Black Tea

1 Tbsp Green Cardamom Pods

2 Tbsp Brown Sugar

1 cup of Milk (Cow or Almond or Coconut)



Add all ingedients (except loose tea) to a Mortar & Pestle and crush down just enough to break cinnamon sticks and open cardamom pods. You may also pulsate in a coffee griner or food processor for a few seconds.




Fill your teapot with...

Start out with 6 Organic Tangerines and peel them.


You want to make sure you have just the zest part of the peel, not the white parts (which are bitter)


This is a bit of a tedious job, but well worth it!




After you have peeled and cleaned all of the zest put your peels in a strainer and wash lightly.



Chop the peels and lay them out on a plate to dry for just about 15 minutes



After 15 minutes, add the pieces t...

1 bag of Organic Cranberries

2 cups or Organic Brown Cane Sugar

1 cup Organic White Cane Sugar

Tangerine Zest from 1 tangerine

1 tablespoon Ghee (optional)


Total Time: 30 minutes



Combine all ingredients in a deep saute pan


I added some extra pieces of the tangerine just for fun




Bring to a soft boil for about 25 minutes

You will see a syrup form within the fruit


As soon as the fruit is completely broken dow...

Making your own butter is as easy as can be!


All you need is some organic, grass-fed heavy whipping cream,

a blender and some ice!


First, add the cream to the blender:



Blend the cream on high speed for about 5-8 minutes.


You will see that it starts to whip up, then start to condense into a crumbly texture.








Add some ice to the blender and pulseate just a couple of time to get the mix...

Ayurvedic Ear Oil Recipe

We celebrate the beauty of autumn and prepare for the onset of cold and frost of winter. We see the trees change to a burning blaze of red and orange and know it is time for change.

We, as humans have seasons just like the earth. All living things do.

During times of transition it’s important to remember these things, and be present with your thoughts and intentions.

With the change of the seasons, we step into a whole new...

Karla's Chocolate Protein Energy Bites


2 cups Cooked Quinoa

1 1/2 cup Gluten Free Rolled Oats/Granola

1/2 cup Fresh ground Flax Seeds

6 oz (1/2 pkg) Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate chips

1/2 cup Chopped Walnuts

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup Organic Cane Sugar

Almond Milk - Splashes for blending

Cook quinoa as directed

When finished cooking, add Quinoa to food processor/Ninja

Add Oats, Flax Seed, Chocolate Chips and both sugars

Blend until smooth

You may...

Golden Wellness Drink




1 inch        Chopped Ginger

1 tsp          Turmeric Powder

1 lemon     Juice/ Remaining lemon pieces

Honey        Sweeten to Taste


Add all items to the tea pot, except the honey. 

Boil 10 minutes, let steep and cool an additional 5 minutes.


Add 1 tbsp honey to cup and strain mixture into it. Enjoy!


Make one full teapot each day a...

Rice Cooker Kitcheree


Serves: 3-4

Tridoshic VPK-

½ cup mung dal or red lentil

½ cup basmati rice (may use ½ quinoa, some barley or other grain).

2 ½ cups water

2-3 carrots

1 yellow squash OR zucchini

3-4 large leaves of kale (may use spinach or other greens)

2 thin slices fresh ginger – chopped fine

½ teaspoon Salt

¼ teaspoon Turmeric

Cumin and Coriander seeds to taste, crushed in mortar or spice mixer




Optional: fresh cilantro, raisins, pumpkin se...


Serves 8-12


Paneer is the easiest protein source to digest for a vegetarian.

Better substitute than using tofu. Tofu is cold, clogging and heavy for

the channels of the body.



(1) half-gallon whole organic milk

1 quart organic buttermilk

You will need a Large Pot and a Long Spoon.



Heat the milk to a full foaming boil. Slowly stir in buttermilk.


The curds will start to separate from the whey, continue slowly stirring


Homemade Ghee - So Easy :)


Sattvic / V-, P-, K+ (in excess)



1 pound of Organic, Unsalted Butter, medium-sized pot and a fine strainer



Put the butter in a heavy, medium-sized pot. Place pot on smallest burner of range-top. Turn on the heat to medium-high until the butter melts. Bring the butter to a nice soft boil and then turn down the heat to medium-low until the butter is still boiling and continue to cook at this heat. Tu...

Use an old Windex or other household cleaning product bottle:


Fill with water and add 1/2 ounce of Te Tree Essential Oil and viola! 


It smells great, it's a natural disinfectant and leaves absolutely no streaks!


There is no harsh chemicals contained and it is comepletely safe around kids and pets!





Rich, Dark Chocolate No-bake fudge cookies in no time!!

2 cups Oat Flour
1/2 cup organic Light Brown Sugar
1/2 cup organic Cane Sugar
1/2 cup raw Cacao Powder
1/2 stick of Butter
2 tablespoons of local, organic Honey
1 tablespoon fresh ground Flax Seed
1/2 cup Almond Milk (additional splashes for blending)

I have altered this recipe a bit to make it easier for the masses.
In my true Ayurvedic version, I use homemade ghee in place of the butt...

For a toned, even complextion, without the use of store-bought facial foundations that contain chemicals, make it yourself in a just a few minutes in your kitchen! 



What you will need:


4-5 Cinnamon Sticks

1 Tablespoon Arrow Root Powder

1/2 Teaspoon Raw Cacao Power

1 Tablespoon Almond Oil

Coffee Grinder


Start out with some fresh Cinnamon Sticks:



Add 4-5 sticks to a Mortar & Pestal (or strong bowl, if that is what you have)




Break them down just...

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