Do You Experience:

Low Energy, Lethargy or Exhaustion?

Physical Aches & Pains?

Anxiety, Stress, Depression or Lack of Mental Focus?

Frequent Respiratory Infections or Flu?

Difficulty Sleeping or Waking Up? 

Digestive Problems? IBS? Bloating? 

Weight Gain?   Migraines?

Has our fast-paced, modern life forced you into

processed, convenience foods or poor food

choices for you and your family?

Are you left with no time to take care of yourself?

Is the amount of health information online or 

Social Media overwhelming and hard to navigate?

Do you feel like no one quite understands?

In need of a Non-Judgmental, Sacred Space

to vent and figure out what will work for you?

Karla A. Cain, CAP

NAMA Board-Certified Ayurveda Practitioner

ERYT, RYS, YACEP, YTT Lead Trainer

Panćakarma Body Therapist

Certified Fitness Instructor / Behavioral Change Specialist

Faculty, Ananda Ayurveda Academy 

Founder, Sattvic Sage Software Solutions 


I empathize. I have been there.  I understand.  As it does for many, modern life took over.  I was far away from what I was designed to be.

Ayurveda provides a way of life, health and healing based on individual characteristics and doshic imbalances.

Ayurvedic healing is intricate, personal and offers profound results.

I welcome you to a safe, non-judgmental space to attain your balance and health.

I understand the focus and dedication (and perhaps the fear of it) that is involved with a new way of life.

Maybe you are starting a whole new journey.

Maybe you are ready for an additional step on your healing path.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with 1 step.....

Interview by VOYAGE PHOENIX for "Phoenix's Most Inspiring Stories" Series

I provide insight and education on a proactive approach to treat current conditions with

fresh foods & diet, lifestyle, time-management, herbs, physical exercise, rest & relaxation,

meditation for stress reduction, energy balancing & regular seasonal cleansing.


All recommendations are based on your individual characteristics and doshic imbalances.

This is not a mystical science, but a common sense approach to counterbalance and treat your unique

qualities that are causing illness at the root, rather than masking the symptoms with a synthetic substance.


Ayurveda helps us return to the rhythms of nature while living in a modern world


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Ayurveda is a holistic complement to western medicine. It is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or the services of a physician or other licensed health care provider. I invite you to discuss any recommendations with your primary care physician, obstetrician, gynecologist, oncologist, cardiologist, pediatrician, or other board-certified physician. Sattvic Sage Ayurveda does not provide conventional medical disease diagnosis or prescription drugs, devices, or substances. Sattvic Sage Ayurveda will not advise that anyone discontinue a course of care or prescription drug that was prescribed by a licensed health care professional. The FDA has not evaluated the herbal supplements that may be recommended, and herbal supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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