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Homemade Menthol Chest Rub


Cough & Cold Menthol Vapor Rub - Treat yourself Naturally!





Adult Ingredients:

2 Tbsp             Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  (Solidified State)

6 drops            Eucalyptus Essential Oil

6 drops            Lemon Essential Oil

6 drops            Peppermint Essential Oil


Add to a small glass jar, mix well and apply as needed.  Aawww. Breathe.



Kids Ingredients:

Please Note: For children, the recipe is different. Eucalyptus and Peppermint contain a constituent called 1.8 cineole. Too much can act negatively on the temperature receptors of the lungs and may cause slowed breathing, so they are avoided.


2 Tbsp  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  (Solidified State)


Recipe for children ages 3-5 years (1% dilution)

1 drop            Lavender Essential Oil

1 drop            Frankincense  Essential Oil

2 drops          Cedarwood  Essential Oil

2 drops          Sweet Orange  Essential Oil


Recipe for children ages 6-9 (2-3% dilution)

2-3 drops       Lavender Essential Oil

2-3 drop         Frankincense Essential Oil

4-5 drops       Tea Tree Essential Oil

4-5 drops       Sweet Orange Essential Oil


Add to a small glass jar, mix well and apply as needed.


I typically make batches as needed so that the essential oils maintain their potency.



Be Well! Naturally!

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