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Ayurveda teaches that the "Nose is the direct path to the Brain".


Nasya Oil is an herbal infused oil which is nurturing and nourishing, and supports the sinuses, nose, throat, and head. 


The practice of 'Nasya' is the nasal administration of these medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils.

Different types of substances are used to treat many various aliments. 


Tilt Head Back and place 2-3 drops in each nostril daily.  

Massage into the nose and sinuses.

May 'sniff' all the way to the beck of the throat for best benefits.

Warm & Shake Well Before Use to distrute herbs.


It is a balancing formula for all Doṣas (especially Vata) and has been traditionally used to lubricate the nasal passages, improve the voice, and support clear vision.


Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) rejuvenates the mind, lifts the spirits and increases the intellect. This herb improves cerebral circulation, positively impacting upon cognitive functions - such as memory - through improving neurotransmitter functioning. Aids in calming stress and erratic thought.


Brahmi is a protective agent to the brain aiding recovery from mental degeneration or damage, by encouraging protein synthesis in the brain and also modulating the response of stress hormones in the brain. 


Brahmi directly affects stress hormones, serotonin production and positively influences mood.


Brahmi is also considered as an antioxidant to the brain cells, protecting against the negative effects of nicotine, aluminium and heavy metals. 

Nasya Oil with Brahmi (Great for Vata!) 3 oz

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