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ME: Contemplations - A Personal Journal for Self-Inquiry


I consistently speak on the topic of Self-Inquiry and how it brings about Healing & Balance.

I invite a deeper look into Ourselves, our Tendencies and Patterns of Reaction. Perhaps we may not be sure what that looks like or where to start.

so I put together a sweet, little Journal, with 15 different Contemplations that may help to spark this process 🙏

DEEP Self-Inquiry can be practiced at all times:

Self-Inquiry is not a practice that takes place at certain hours and in certain positions; it continues throughout one's waking hours, no matter what you may be doing.

In the Yoga traditions, Self-Inquiry is also referred to as Jñāna Yoga, a practice that pursues knowledge with the biggest question - "Who am I?" among others.

We may meditate, reflect, and reach liberating insights on the nature of our own existence, how we move through this existence and our relationship to everything in the physical & emotional world.

The Jñāna concepts are discussed in ancient and medieval era texts such as the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita.


Become "The Observer"

I invite you to come into the state of Mindfulness practice, Simply Noticing SELF. Noticing WHAT IS.

~ Perhaps Trying Something New ~

~ Cultivating Compassion for Self & Others ~

~ Creating Deeply Nourishing Meals ~

~ Walking in Silence Without Noise or Technology ~

~ Practicing 1 Self-Care Ritual per Day ~

~ Using This Space to Write to your Heart's Content about all that YOU ARE and HOW YOU FEEL ~


This Begins a Journey

This is the Journey of HEALING

This is the Journey of BALANCE



Blessings on the Path~

ME: Contemplations - A Personal Journal for Self-Inquiry

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