Invigorating, Exfoliating & Uplifting to the Mind~

The best things to cleanse the human body: Clay, Salt or Oil.


Feeling sluggish? Enjoy a hydrating and exfoliating scrub!

Formulated with Natural Kosher Sea Salt, Sesame Oil and Essential Oils.

No added chemicals or preservatives.

Leaves skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated, while uplifting mind and mood~


May be used in a bath or shower.  Massge into skin and muscles.

Rinse well, but allow the remaining oil to nourish and hydrtae the whole body.

Nourishing Sesame Oil completely absorbs into skin tissue in only a matter of miniutes.


May also be used in case respiratory illness arises by rubbing into Chest / Back and applying moist heat.

Body Scrub (Eucalyptus)


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