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Have you tried tongue scraping yet?


Overnight, as the body processes everything that was ingested that day, toxins (called ama in Ayuveda) begin to form, and are visible as a coating on the tongue. If the ama is more of the kapha variety, it will appear as a thick, white coating. Pitta ama tends to be more yellow, and vata ama is brown.


Tongue scraping, or jihwa prakshalana, is a traditional part of Ayurvedic self-care and also a great way to check in with your body each morning.


How to Tongue Scrape

  • Scrape your tongue first thing in the morning, before drinking water.
  • Use either a stainless steel or copper tongue scraper, like Banyan Botanicals' Tongue Cleaner. There are plastic tongue scrapers out there, but I’m not a fan, as they are harder to keep sanitary.
  • Stick your tongue out and allow it to be loose and heavy.
  • Work the tongue scraper back to front five to seven times, rinsing the scraper after each round. Follow with brushing, flossing, and a large glass of warm or room temperature water. Drinking warm water first thing provides a gentle flush for the GI tract and the kidneys, and also stimulates peristalsis.

Copper Tongue Scraper

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