An Integrated IT Solution for your Ayurvedic Practice 

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Oak Brook, Illinois April 21-23, 2017 


In 2015, my Ayurvedic practice began to gain awareness in my community.

Slowly, the number of my clients continued to rise. I found a challenge in needing to save each client's

information to my personal hard drive/files. Having worked on incredible CRM systems for years,

I went to the market to seek a software solution that I could use to help me efficiently and

genuinely help my clients, while at the same time, being tailored to the Ayurvedic practice.

I found that it did not exist.


CRM Client Database, Notes, Reports, Invoicing, Inventory, etc.

Upload Documents or Images to client profiles


Calendar, Appointment Setting -

Automatic 'Appointment Confirmation' Emails


Customizable Management Settings to include your office or clinic Logo,

Treatment Options, Service Options, Specific Medicines or Herbs, etc.


Assessment Modules:

Dosha, Prakruti, Vikruti, Manas, Sampratpi,

Jihva Pariksha & Nadi Pariksha


Treatment Modules:

Rasayana, Panchakarma & Curative Treatment

Customizable to your specific recommendations

Exports all treatment suggestions into a printable

'Client Report' that may be given directly to client 

Cloud-Based - Accessible from PCs or Mobile Devices

Secure SSL Certification & Data Encryption

Automatic Data Backup

Access Versions: Single User or Multi-User

Establish Log-In & Access Levels for Each User

May be linked to your personal business website

May be utilized in English or French

May be utilized in All Currencies

Affordable, Competitive Pricing

Automatic Monthly / Annual Recurring Billing

One-On-One Training provided, Step-By-Step User Manual

& Ongoing Personal Support & Help-Desk

Personal Demo Offered Prior to Commitment

20% off Discount for the first year for all NAMA Members!

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(via Video Conference or in person),

please email us at


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